DF10 Video News Update - Post Run

Even though the run is over and everyone's returned home from the voyage of DF10, we do have some more news. The DF10 Committee is happy to read the online posts and comments thus far and some guys have been inquiring about details for booking at the host hotel for Drenched Fur 11. Hence, we put together a quick video to let everyone know what's happening. So check it out below:

DF Committee Announcement

It is regrettable that the Drenched Fur Committee has been made aware of harassing behavior exhibited toward our host hotel staff and management.

Bullying does not have a place at Drenched Fur and will not tolerated; be it toward our attendees, organizers, or business affiliates. That said, we look forward to everyone joining us in April and having a fantastic weekend with us here for Drenched Fur 10.