DF12 Reg Packages Sell Out

Holy cow! As of the time we're posting this notice, DF12 has registered all the available run packages we planned for this year; and this happened much sooner then expected.

DF12 Host Hotel Sold Out

The Host Hotel for Drenched Fur 12 IS SOLD OUT. Host Hotel room requests thru Tuesday December 8th will be fulfilled. Any host hotel room requests received on Wednesday December 9th are being processed, but not guaranteed.

Our Overflow Hotel room fulfillment process has begun. Details about the overflow property and requesting rooms there can be found by clicking this link. As a reminder: all guests staying at the Comfort Inn overflow location will have available 24 hour/day shuttle service between the host and overflow locations.

DF12 Date Change Announcement

It's only been just over a week and already things are a changin' for Drenched Fur 12 next year. The DF Committee's intention throughout the many years of hosting Drenched Fur has been to create an event that allows guys to come together for camaraderie and fun. After careful consideration, the DF Committee has decided to move the run by one week on the calendar for 2016. The NEW dates are: April 7th - 10th, 2016.