DF13 Towels Sold Out

Wowzer! In a historic first, the souvenir beach towel for Drenched Fur 13 has sold out. Currently we are creating a wait list for purchasing any DF13 beach towels that come available. If you want to add on the DF13 towel as a wait list item, click this link to send us an email and we'll confirm your registration having a 'wait list towel' added.

DF13 Host Hotel Sold Out

The Host Hotel for Drenched Fur 13 IS SOLD OUT. Host Hotel room requests thru Tuesday November 15th will be fulfilled. Any host hotel room requests received from Wednesday November 16th thru Saturday November 19th are being processed, but not guaranteed. The most recent room requests will be processed by Thanksgiving.

Our Overflow Hotel room fulfillment process has begun. Details about the overflow property and requesting rooms there can be found by clicking this link. As a reminder: all guests staying at the Comfort Inn overflow location will have available 24 hour/day shuttle service between the host and overflow locations.