DF13 Hotel Payment Change

Hey guys, Gary here - the Drenched Fur Coordinator. I thought this might be the best way to spell out what has changed with payment processing for hotel guests this year.

On Wednesday March 29th, some of the DF13 Committee and I had a meeting with key host hotel staff prior to beginning DF13. It was during this meeting that our team was informed that guests reservation stay totals would be charged upon check-in. The reason this is important to you our wonderful attendees, is that in past years the total stay amount was processed upon check-out/departure. This change was not described, communicated, nor explained in any contract negotiations, nor meetings prior to today/Wednesday; the day before we begin our event weekend.

We were informed that this change will simplify the invoice process and reduce confusion that occurred previously when departing to see a charge, a deduction of equal amount, and then another final charge of the total. The previous payment process utilized an authorization upon check-in that would ultimately be released from hold upon check-out when the total was fully charged. Alas, this is not the case now. The magnitude of the impact on our attendees finances was unknown and unpredictable by the DF Committee.

We regret that this information was not communicated between the start of registration last year and today so we could properly explain in our communications to you that full payment charges would occur directly at check-in this year; not at check-out as in the past years with our current host facility/company. I cannot say enough how much this is a challenge to face unexpectedly and address in a reasonable fashion. I'm sorry this change was made without adequate prior notification to our run committee so we could effectively and appropriately inform you prior to arrival. I regret that many of you are in route currently to enjoy a fun weekend with us once again and a portion of you are just learning of this now without time to personally prepare.

The DF Committee will be addressing the inconveniences this is creating for you and our team. We apologize that we could not inform you of this change in payment processing before now. If this affects your personal finances directly tied to your stay during this weekend as we enjoy Drenched Fur 13, please send us an email at committee@drenchedfur.com so that we can strive to address your direct impact while working through this challenge. We want you to enjoy the weekend and look forward to sharing experiences to last a lifetime from an overall great weekend here at Drenched Fur 13.

Hugs and woofs,

Gary Snyder aka GarBear73

Run Coordinator

Drenched Fur 13